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Underwater Wireless Power transfer

Autonomous underwater vehicles are desired to charge battery and communicate information under water in order to improve operation efficiency. We have an ambitious goal of developing the wireless power and data transfer system for operation underwater, focusing on the capacitive coupling with a simple structure and low leakage of field. So as to require a high power charging in this case, we are also investigating an elucidation of high-frequency property in fresh water and seawater.

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Demonstration in Underwater WPT @@@@@@ @@@@@@

Next-Generation Wireless RF Circuits

Various methods in order to achieve high-speed and large-capacity wireless communications are developed such as Massive-MIMO, In-band full-duplex, and OAM. We aim to develop the RF circuits that are key technologies to realize these methods. As we image the application to a wide target range from portable devices to base station in small cell, we are developing value-added solutions such as high tunability and high power capability corresponding to the targets.

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Demosntration with Antenna for In-band full-duplex @@@@@@ @@@@@@

Wireless Harness

Numerous sensors are installed in various facilities and equipment for the purpose to support safe and secure life. In particular, power supply by wireless power transfer is expected for the sensors in dangerous places such as infrastructures in factory and power plant. We are developing a unique system with the pseudo-shielded space, which makes it possible to confine the electromagnetic field in the space and wirelessly transfer power to the sensor nodes in series.

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