Our daily lives are surrounded by electromagnetic wave. It includes not only radio wave utilized in the data transmission but also heat radiation from our body and sunlight. We are widely conducting basic & applied researches with the aim of social contribution using the electromagnetic field; Basic researches are wireless power transfer under water and development of the resonator with high quality factor used in RF filter. Applied research is realization of the two-way communication module that can work by wireless power transfer.


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Wireless Power transfer under Water

In order to contribute to our marine resources development, our laboratory is aimed at the establishment of system that can wirelessly transmit the power to the remotely-operated vehicle under seawater. As one of the necessary technologies, there is wireless power transfer of kW power, and the use of electromagnetic fields as a solution has attracted attention. However, since nobody elucidates the electric properties of water/seawater under the circumstance of kW power yet, the structure of the electrodes used in the WPT under water is not optimized. Therefore, we are developing the method to measure them and the electrode structure suitable for WPT under water.

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What's New!

  • 11.12.2020. Our study on WPT under seawater
           was in IEEE TRANSACTIONS on MTT.
    04.12.2020. Paper by Mr.Fujii was published
           in IEICE transaction on Electronics.
    26.11.2020. Paper by Mr.Matsukami was published
           in IEICE ComEX.
    05.10.2020. Junior was assigned to our lab.
    02.09.2020. Mr.Shishido presented his study
           results in RFIT2020.
    13.07.2020. Paper by Mr.Naka was published
           in IEICE ComEX.
    25.05.2020. Seniors were assigned to our lab.
    08.01.2020. Paper by Mr.Nimura was published
           in IEEE TRANSACTIONS on MTT.
           (Early access)
    13.12.2019. Mr.Murai, Mr.Fujii, and Mr.Yoshihara
           respectively presented
           their study results at APMC2019.
    11.12.2019. Our study on Underwater WPT
           was presented at Special session
           in AMPC2019.
    27.11.2019. We desplayed our research results
           University Exhibition at MWE2019.
    01.11.2019. Our study on Underwater WPT
           was presented as an Invited talk
           in AWPT2019.
    04.10.2019. Junior was assigned to our lab.
    16.07.2019. Paper by Mr.Furusu was published
           in IEEE MWCL.
    13.09.2019. Mr.Nimura, Mr.Murai, and Mr.Yoshihara
           presented their respectives study
           results at IEICE Society Conference.
    11.06.2019. Mr.Nimura presented his study result
           at the domestic conference.
    07.06.2019. Our study on WPT under seawater
           was presented at IMS2019.
    16.04.2019. Seniors were assigned to our lab.
    21.03.2019. Mr.Fujii and Mr.Matsukami presented
           their respectives tudy results
           at IEICE General Conference.
    01.04.2014. Tamura Lab was Launced in TUT.
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